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Hey Sebastian,

Pls can you direct me to docs or tutorials re jQuery / Javascript? I don’t really know about this but I see JS Libraries and reference to jQuery in Microthemer so I’m hopeful and though worth asking.
I have a dev site with a javascript which displayed a booking widget on the right hand side of the site pages.

I know I can use html to launch this javascript such as “Book Online” and I can then style up that html module to look like a button using Microthemer.

However, I’m told that I can use jQuery with a Beaver Builder button module to launch the code and I”m trying to find out if Microthemer has this or how I can figure it all out.

Any help much appreciated as per usual.

Thank you so much


I’ve resolved this now.



I’m so sorry I missed this before, I didn’t mean to ignore you. I saw your message but forgot to mark it as unread so I would remember to return to it.

I’m glad you managed to resolve the issue yourself. Microthemer does have a JavaScript code editor: View > Code editor > JavaScript. And you can add jQuery code to that. Perhaps that’s how you resolved it? Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Warm regards,


I got assistance on the Beaver Builder Facebook group where the simple solution was to just put javascript:saloniq.loader.openIFrame(); in the link for my button rather than Book Online

I knew it would be simple but WOW it really was simple and so obvious when pointed out. I was wondering if Microthemer had some simple JS help / tutorials which would help me solve this dilemma hence my orig post.
No need to respond. Thanks anyway

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