Load wheel continuing to spin (update issues?)

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Hello, I’m currently building a website for my friend and installed Microthemer sometime last month. So far it was working perfectly, having my fonts changed, etc. However, when I decided to start over with my layout and tried to use Microthemer again, the loading wheel started to continue spinning and none of my new changes have been applied. I noticed that this began to happen since I updated Microthemer to the latest version.

Please help? I just want to change the fonts of the main navigation menu here. 🙁

http://heartyngrid.com/home-2 (sample home page, will change once everything’s done)

Thanks for your help!


Hey, it sounds like a Javascript error is preventing Microthemer from fully loading. Please could you send login details for your site via this secure contact form so that I can locate the source or the error?


(I wasn’t able to identify the error when I inspected your home page with Firebug)

Many thanks,


Hello, sorry for the late reply. I went ahead and sent you my login info via contact form. Thank you very much for looking in to this Sebastian. 🙂


Hi Adrianne,

Your Autoptimize plugin was creating Javascript errors, seemingly in combination with a Notes plugin that resides in your mu-plugins folder. I believe that plugins in this ‘must use’ folder are not possible to deactivate. I have therefore temporarily deactivated the Autoptimize plugin and Microthemer is working for me now. I notice that you also have w3total cache installed. Could you use that instead of Autoptimize?



Thanks for looking in to it. I’m new to the whole “wordpress speed” bit and just followed some articles regarding plugins that would speed up the site a bit. The site is quite graphics-heavy among a few things. Thanks again!

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