Memory Limit 16MB [changes on server memory don't take]

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Hello support,

I had a problem with all my websites, but that is fixed now. But after that my Microthemer says this: Sorry, Microthemer requires a memory limit of 16MB or higher to run. Your memory limit is less than this. Deactivate Microthemer to remove this message.
How can I fix this? I already tried to change the WP-CONFIG and added: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’96M’);
But this doesn’t change anything.

Do you have a solution for this problem?

Thank you,



Hi Wilko,

Did you get your host to change something on your server when you fixed your initial problem with your site? I have a hunch about what might be causing the issue. I’ve made a minor change to Microthemer which I’d like you to try. Please replace your current version of Microthemer with this one:

If that doesn’t fix the issue, would you mind sending me login details for your site via this secure contact form:



Hello Sebastian,

All my websites where down because of host migration or something. All websites had the error No input file specified.
The file with the minor change doesn’t fix the problem, I sended you the login details at the contact form.

Thank you,



Hey Wilko,

I’ve updated Microthemer to output the memory limit is discovers in the error message. It now says:

Sorry, Microthemer has a memory requirement of 16MB or higher to run. Your allocated memory is less than this (2). Deactivate Microthemer to remove this message.

Microthemer certainly thinks that your server memory limit is 2MB. Would you mind opening a ticket with your web host to ask them if the server memory has indeed been set this low?

Many thanks,

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