Microthemer backend fails to load properly when WooCommerce is active


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I have not needed to access Microthemer in a little while but I have been dutifully keeping it updated as new versions roll out (currently

I have discovered that opening Microthemer to edit CSS now causes the page preview in MT to load improperly. The page briefly loads correctly for about a second or two and looks great, and then the display breaks as if the CSS did not load — the icons in my nav bar lose formatting, all of the CSS I’ve edited with Microthemer seems to no longer load, and other random layout craziness occurs, etc.

Typically this kind of behavior has been accompanied by an error message from MT saying CSS or Javascript failed to load or something like that, but no error is appearing.

Interestingly, I have found that this problem only occurs when the WooCommerce plugin is active.

I have a staging environment that had an old version of MT installed, version, and that staging environment opened MT to edit CSS without any problem even when the latest version of WooCommerce is active (4.2.2).

As a test, I updated the staging environment to use the latest version of MT (, and suddenly the backend on staging now exhibits the same display problems I was seeing on the live site. I can disable WooCommerce to make MT version load properly. Restoring my staging environment to the old version of MT ( also makes MT open correctly when WooCommerce is active.

Can you please help me with this issue?

I would be happy to provide any diagnostics info you need, just let me know.

Other than this one issue, which I’m sure can get sorted, MT has been a breeze to work with and an absolute lifesaver on some tricky CSS issues.

Have a great evening!



Sorry for the trouble. It sounds like there might be a PHP error due to a conflict with WooCommerce. Would you mind send me access details for the staging site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot this?

Many thanks,

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