Microthemer conflicting with another plugin (responsive menu)

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I am using a premium mobile menu from responsive.menu, but it is not working when microthemer is enabled.

I contacted the developer and this is what he told me:

It looks like MicroThemer plugin is breaking my plugin as it is overwriting the ID name of the containing menu ul element.

If I change the ul id back to “responsive-menu-pro” as it should be it all works fine.

I would speak to the authors of that plugin and ask if there is a way to stop that happening or a way to turn it off.

Menu website: http://www.responsive.menu

Any advice you can give me?




Hey Edwin,

Sorry for the trouble this caused you. That feature is supposed to be off by default. I will investigate that.

But you can turn it off yourself via Microthemer’s preferences. It’s the first option on the General tab. Set Add first and last classes to menu items to No.


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