Microthemer Informs me that my JQuery is Too Old

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When i load Microthemer, I am told that my version of JQuery is pre 1.9 and thus incompatible with the plugin. Yet when I check my version of JQuery using other tools they report back that I am using version 2.1 of JQuery.


Hi Jaceman,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve made an adjustment to Microthemer which I think may solve the issue. I could be wrong though. Would you mind deleting your current version of Microthemer and replacing it with this one (your settings will be safe)?


If it doesn’t solve the issue would you mind creating a temporary WP admin account for me on your WordPress install so that I can troubleshoot this further?

I did some tests on my local machine swapping the regular version of jQuery with jQuery 2.1.3 and it worked fine. But I did notice that if I manually set the jQuery version variable to simply 2.1 (a javascript number) I got the error you reported. Setting it to ‘2.1’ (a javascript string) worked fine. I could be chasing a red herring with this, but hopefully not. Hopefully the adjusted version will solve your problem.

Please let me know either way.


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