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I have been working on a client site for the past month or two and have been using Microthemer the whole time. However, when I started working on the site today, it is no longer applying anything – both existing and new selectors are not applied to the site. All of the selectors I have setup are still there with all of the styles I previously created, but none of them are actually applied to the site. When I add new selectors, everything seems to works the same – I can add new selectors and add styles to the selectors – but the styles still don’t apply to the website.

This has been out of the blue – I did not recently update WordPress or Microthemer (Both are up to date versions). This morning I updated about 5 other plugins, however, when I deactivate those plugins Microthemer still does not work, so I do not believe it has anything to do with that. Because it happened out of the blue, I really have no idea what caused Microthemer to stop working. Any ideas?



My first thought here is that caching might be the issue. Do you have either a caching pluign or server-level caching service in operation? If so, clearing the cache might solve the issue. The following thread talks about how to address caching issues in more detail: https://themeover.com/forum/topic/changes-not-saving/

If you web host recently enabled server-level caching that might explain the ‘out of the blueness’. Alternatively, if one of the plugins you updated was a caching plugin that might explain things too.

However, when caching is the problem Microthemer’s changes are normally apparent while working inside the Microthemer interface. Because MT forces a fresh download of the stylesheet after each change. But your changes aren’t even applying inside MT. So something else might be at play.

If you don’t mind sending me access details to the site via our secure contact form I would be happy to troubleshoot this for you.

(if you can’t fix this yourself by clearing a cache)


P.S. another thing to check is if the Microthemer’s stylesheet has any style rules. You can find it here:

[your domain]/wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the response. I actually don’t have a caching plugin installed yet, and server-side caching has not been enabled recently.

The website actually isn’t live yet, however, it should still be possible to get you access to the site. My client currently has a website with Weebly. But I do have hosting set up with Siteground and have the new WordPress website on their servers; I am just waiting to finish building the new WordPress website before redirecting the URL away from Weebly and to the new WordPress website hosted by Siteground.

So, if you go to the URL (www.shellygalligan.com), you will see the Weebly website, instead of the WordPress website. In order to see the WordPress, you have to add the following line the hosts file on your computer: shellygalligan.com http://www.shellygalligan.com

This YouTube video explains how to edit the hosts file on a Mac: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw55UBv79X8 (I have a Mac, so I’m not sure how to edit the file on a different computer). If you are able to do this, you should be able to login to the website when you go to shellygalligan.com/wp-admin/

I will send you login credentials via the contact form so you can login once you reach that point.

Let me know if I didn’t explain anything clearly or if you have any questions. Thanks again!

Also, when I go to shellygalligan.com/wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css I still see all of the folders, selectors, and styles that I applied via Microthemer.


An easier alternative – I have set up a staging site: https://shellygalligans.wpstagecoach.com/ where you can poke and prod at the website all you want. (Plus that means I won’t have to explain to my client why another user was added!) I’ll send you the credentials to login to the staging website.


I just realized something interesting… on this page: https://shellygalligans.wpstagecoach.com/speaking-calendar/ Microthemer is working for the Events Calendar portion of the page. I’ve double checked and this the only area of the website where Microthemer is working.

One thing to note – I am using Beaver Builder to build the website, and the Events Calendar is the only portion of the website that doesn’t use Beaver Builder at all. So, I thought that maybe Microthemer wasn’t working properly with Beaver Builder. However, I created a new page (http://shellygalligans.wpstagecoach.com/test-page/) that does not use Beaver Builder at all, and Microthemer is still not working.

I have no other ideas as to why Microthemer is only working with Events Calendar… any ideas?


Thanks for sending me access. This was caused by an MT bug that generated invalid CSS just after the CSS code for the calendar. This prevented the browser from rendering all subsequent styles, which is why only the calendar styles were working.

The error happened because MT wasn’t handling selectors with quotes in properly (e.g. input[type=”text”] – when using in combination with the transition properties). I’ve just released version which prevents this issue from occurring. However, you will need to make an adjustment yourself to rectify the existing problem.

  1. Go to the following selector: Events Calendar > Event Calendar Find Events Button:Hover
  2. Go to the Transition property group, and remove the 0.5s value in the transition-duration field. Or just change it some something else, saving this value again is all you need to do to fix the issue (after upgrading MT)
  3. If you noticed that the transition wasn’t working as expected before, you may have more luck now that this bug has been fixed!

Please let me know how you get on.



One more thing, on the staging server I saw 4 mixed content SSL warnings in Chrome’s inspector console because some images are being linked to via http rather than https.


These errors are worth fixing for MT to work properly, and to avoid errors on your site in general.



Great! That fixed the issue I was having, and Microthemer is working everywhere on my site now. Thanks for the help and also pointing out the SSL warnings with the images!


You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re back up and running. Please let me know if you get stuck with anything else.


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