Microthemer not saving changes to website.

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I’m having difficulties getting microthemer to save changes to my website. So far I have tried reinstalling the program, clearing cache, updating, and nothing seems to be working. It seems that I’m able to view the changes in microthemer edit mode, but I’m not able to see the changes on my actual website. Any ideas!


This most likely means your stylesheet on your site is overwriting MTs.

Are you using the “important!” setting in the css/scss settings section?



This is normally due to one of the following reasons:

a) Caching – which can be at the server level as well as the plugin level. You may see an option to clear a cache when logging into your web hosting account.
b) Dynamic HTML – if the classes or ids you target with Microthemer change on each page load, or are different for logged in admins vs non-logged in site visitors. The solution here is to choose an alternative selector when targeting elements with MT.
c) You have some invalid CSS that is making the browser ignore all CSS rules after the invalid CSS. Use Microthemer’s View > Generated CSS to look for red warnings in the left of the editor.

If the above tips do not help you resolve this yourself, and you are happy to provide site access via our secure contact form, I would be happy to help you troubleshoot the exact cause.


And thanks for offering your suggestions @deanphillips1991 🙂


I have attempted to use “!important.” I have also sent account access.


By the way I’m also using cloudflare for ssl purposes.


Thanks for providing access, so in your case it was actually:

c) invalid CSS making the browser ignore all CSS styles after an invalid selector (that was missing a closing bracket).

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