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Hello Sebastian,

I am new to Microthemer. I tried to style buddypress in an oxygen install but it didn’t work or i should say i didn’t know how to do it. By default buddypress doesn’t generate a buddypress profile page in the wordpress dashobard; so from the activity page, i wanted to target the buddypress nav menu item, style it and get the style applied to all nav menu items in all buddypress pages. But this didn’t work. Also, i noticed that when i click on any element in the buddypress page, the only styling option appears on the left pan of the microthermer is the font style option; even when i click in the avatar photo . also when i click on an item , i don’t see an option to style the background of that item.

Note: i am using the microthemer version and the oxygen builder integration was enabled.

Would it be possible to make a short video tutorial explaining how to use microthermer with Buddypress, bbpress,woocommerce, and sensei lms.

Thank you!



Would you mind sending me a link to your site so I can check your menu styles and provide some guidance on that?

The font group is just the default group when you first install Microthemer. Click the back icon near the top left to jump to a list of other property groups (e.g. background). You may also want to try having the options docked top for the quickest way to navigate between different groups. You can do that via Settings > View > “S”.

BTW, Microthemer remembers the last styling group you used, rather than auto-switching depending on the type of element you are styling.

I do intend to make some more tutorials for products that are commonly styled with Microthemer. In the meantime:

  1. The basic workflow video shows how to broaden selectors, which might be relevant to your menu items issue. And how to adjust the interface layout.
  2. The styling options video shows how to jump between property groups.
  3. The selecting elements video explains how to how to use the tools for selecting the right element(s)
  4. The HTML and CSS inspection video teaches some of the basics if HTML and CSS.

You can jump to sections of each video using the links below each video.


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