Microthemer stylesheet generating as incomplete

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I’m having trouble finding a way to get microthemer to put all of my selectors into the css stylesheet that ultimately gets loaded into the site.

Everything was working fine, until after making a few changes that were so uninteresting that I cannot remember what happened before it was triggered, suddenly the site appeared broken. (currently unfinished but up at http://www.imageandnoise.com)

Upon investigation, it appeared that the microthemer stylesheet only contained a small portion of the css it should have been generating. The selectors are still visible and still contain all their data and – with microthemer open – the page loads first incorrectly, and then updates with all the styles.

Forcing a regeneration of the css from the preferences doesn’t seem to work, nor does restoring to a different revision. I have re-created the selector that appears to be the one next-in-line after the last one that’s gotten hung up, but it didn’t seem to help.

Cache purges seem to also have done nothing.

I have updated to the lastest version of MT (
Wordpress is on 5.6

Any ideas on how to get this to generate correctly?



I left a hanging curlybrace somewhere.

Lol. All good!


Oh great, I’m glad you managed to figure this out. Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

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