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What’s the best way to make your website mobile responsive on landscape?



Do you mean when a user is holding their phone on the side? If so, it’s simply a case of making sure the site looks good at that screen size, along with a range of other screen sizes. From say 320px right up to 2000px+. That’s the goal of making a site fully responsive.

There are many devices and orientations in play, so it’s best not to focus too heavily on the specific breakpoints (e.g 320, 480, 568, 768, 1024). But rather the full range of sizes in between. That’s why you can drag Microthemer’s top ruler left or right to easily see how the site looks at all sizes.

A landscape phone might be around 640px wide – just one screen size you want things to look good on, among many.

Have I understood your question correctly?




I’ve been using the clamp function for responsive text. So if you take a 480 breakpoint and flip it to landscape, the text seems big.

Would you say that I need to add more media queries and use landscape dimensions or a better way.

I should also mention that I have a transparent header.

I may be going about it all wrong.

Many thanks



The text gets big on a landscape phone, simply because the vw unit becomes quite large on 640+ screen sizes, and you’ve set 8rem as the max value in the clamp function (the last value).

You could solve this by setting a lower max value e.g. 4rem and / or adding an extra font-size style rule via the Tablet and Phone tab in Microthemer, to make max-size a bit smaller.


Thank you very much for the suggestion.

That’s a good shout.

Thanks as always




Hey Sebastian

How would you feel about my suggestion?

As you get questions that you feel could benefit everyone, you create youtube videos. Your work software, by comparison, is out searched by CSS hero.

If you produce videos on common problems that beginners face, you’ll stand out. As a fellow Brit, I want you to stand out.

I’ve not tested Css Hero, but your software is hands done the best to me. Based on what I have seen.

I want your software to be up there.

I’m using builder. Also a new company.

I want you to be number one. Is this something that you can do?

Maybe start with one section from any website and change it to another.


Hey Stephen, I appreciate your support and suggestions. More videos explaining how to accomplish common CSS tasks is certainly on the todo list. I know that I could be doing a lot more in that domain, and having better docs would fit with my commit to deliver great customer service (as well as being a content marketing strategy).

It made sense to wait until version 7 is out, as the interface and workflow is being improved in this update. But I’m hoping to have the beta ready by the end of the month/early July. And the next step will be to release a series of new videos.

Thanks again for considering me.


P.S. I will add some integration with Bricks in future, similar to Elementor / Beaver Builder / Oxygen 🙂

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