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First, I LOVE this plugin, truly, I think it’s a miracle. Now my issue: one of the things I want to adjust is the main menu. BUT, as soon as I double click on it to do so, the menu switches to the mobile view. Is there some way to stop this from happening, either through this plugin or some custom css I enter temporarily into my theme?

I am enclosing two images so you can see what I mean. I can’t ‘see’ what the changes to the menu look like for desktop view because once I double click an the microthemer box comes up on the right, the site switches to mobile menu.

This is the menu I want to add some CSS to
Menu I want to edit

This is what the menu changes to once I double click
Menu b



This is a tricky one actually. The menu isn’t switching to mobile directly because of the double-click. It’s because when the selector wizard appears on the right, the width of the preview is reduced. This triggers some new styles contained in screen-width-specific media queries that hide the main menu, replacing it with the mobile menu.

I was already planning on introducing a ‘dock to footer’ option for the selector wizard whereby it appears at the bottom of the screen without changing the width of the preview. I could try to fast-track this feature if you can wait about a week? But if you need a more immediate solution, I could adapt your theme slightly so that the switch to the mobile menu only happens at smaller screen sizes (e.g. 700px). It currently switches at anything less than 1200px wide, which seems to be a bit premature considering the width of your main menu.

Please let me know how you’d like to proceed on this one.

Many thanks,


I would love it if you could adapt my theme so the mobile menu only happens on a smaller screen! I’ve checked everywhere in settings and there is no place to adjust that.


OK, no problem. Please send over login details for your site via this secure contact form and I will sort that out for you:


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