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How can I use themover to move a slide description when using the Divi theme? The default location blocks some faces of a group shot (the description is centered). I only want to move that description at the bottom right; and leave the other slide description untouched.



If you could post a link to your site here I can advise you more specifically.



Hi Sebastian,

The 3rd slide, “About our company”. Thank you.



Thanks for the link. When inspecting the HTML of your slideshow with Firebug I was able to see some classes that were unique to the 3rd ‘Our company’ slide. Using those classes and a special ordinal pseudo selector (nth-of-type), I came up with the following selector:

.et_pb_slide_1 .et_pb_slide_content p:nth-of-type(2)

Please do the following:

  1. Trigger the selector wizard by double-clicking the ‘Our Company’
  2. Replace the currently highlighted selector code at the top of the list with the code I have provided above.
  3. Name your selector
  4. Click the ‘create selector’ button
  5. Apply a top margin of approximately 180px to move the text beneath the faces.

This is quite an advanced situation. I can see why Microthemer wasn’t able to generate a selector unique to the specific paragraph on the specific slide. We will be giving the selector wizard targeting options an overhaul soon which should make this kind of task more doable via the UI. But in the meantime, if you get stuck with anything like this again please feel free to post back here.



Thank you. This will work now.


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