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I think I miss one thing or two, but how is the Oxygen integration supposed to work regarding opening pages and templates?

If I in WP admin interface go to Pages > Home > Edit with Oxygen, the home page opens in Oxygen Builder, but from there I can’t reach MT, or can I? Am I supposed to always start MT before I choose any page or template?

With a page (or template) opened inside the Oxygen Builder and MT activated, I can go to MT > Settings > Page, and choose another page (or template). But then that page is opened outside of Oxygen Builder, and I have to choose Oxygen > Edit with Oxygen in the WP admin top menu, disable Targeting mode (if it is activated), and click on Oxygen > Edit with Oxygen in the WP admin top menu. Is that how it is supposed to work (maybe a Oxygen thing, since you normally should exit a page before you start editing another)? What happens if I for one reason or another have disabled that Oxygen top menu?

In the MT preferences I can set “Frontend preview URL Microthemer should load”. It seems as if that value is dynamically changed to whatever page (or template) I used the last time. Is that how it is supposed to work? If yes, why is it a setting?

If I inside WP dashboard view the standard post “Hello World!” – for which I yet have no Oxygen template – and choose Microthemer from the WP admin top menu, MT opens, but the “MT” logo in the middle of the screen just spins, and I can never start using MT or edit the page. Is this a bug? If I then Exit and go back to WordPress dashboard, and then click on Microthemer in the Admin menu or the top menu, it opens this post again – so the preference “Frontend preview URL Microthemer should load” seems really to be dynamically set (which is a little bit problematic).

Maybe you have info about all this on your homepage, but I couldn’t find it. Sorry if that is the case. Please just give me the url for more info.



There used to be an option to load Oxygen when navigating pages. I recently removed it to replace with an autoload switch that would also fire up Oxygen when MT first loads, but got distracted. In response to your post, I’ve started work on that now. It should be ready by tomorrow. It’s almost there, I just need to handle Oxygen’s post editing lock a bit more gracefully.

Your Hello World issue does sound like a bug. I’m happy to troubleshoot that for you tomorrow once I’ve released the autoload update.



I’ve just emailed you a new version of MT to try, with the autoload feature. I will include it as a general release once you’ve confirmed it’s working for you and we’ve addressed the Hello World post bug.

Loading everything from MT is the recommended workflow, in answer to your initial question, so I’m keen to get everything working nicely for you.

And the option to manually set an URL in preferences is there to force a page load in the event of the browser getting stuck – e.g. a mixed SSL content error prevents MT from communicating with the site preview via JavaScript. And it’s also helpful if you want to load a custom URL that the search feature doesn’t find for some reason.


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