Must do a shift reload to view Microthemer changes

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Something bizarre on one of my sites. I make changes in Microthemer and see the changes are working. If I just do a refresh of the page, I can no longer see the changes on the web page but if I look at Microthemer the changes are still there. If I do a shift-refresh of the web page (clearing the browser cache) then everything looks correct.

But I don’t have any caching installed on this site yet. It’s on a staging server. No WordPress caching plugins. No server caching.

Using Genesis > Beaver Builder if it makes a difference.



From what you describe, it could be a browser caching. I recently noticed that I have to do a hard refresh in Chrome (by holding Ctrl key) whenever I refresh a page for the first time after opening a new browser session. I concluded that Chrome has decided to cache more heavily by default. After doing a hard refresh, subsequent pages refreshes clear the cache without the need to hold the control key. If this also happens for you, browser caching seems likely the cause.

If it’s not browser caching, are you certain that your web host hasn’t automatically applied some server level caching like Cloudflare or a similar service to your account? Some hosts do this without informing customers. So it might be worth checking.


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