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Hey Sebastian,

I noticed that your site has sped up significantly, congrats on the new hosting (if that is the case)!

If that is not the case… congrats anyway! 🙂



Could not resist…

Does that mean we will soon see a more snappy Microthemer? 😉


Regarding hosting, yes I have. I started by reviewing which plugins where executing lots of SQL queries , using lots of memory, and adding to the load time on either the frontend or backend. This great WordPress plugin was a lifesaver for that:

I managed to cut load time by about half with that. I was using a VPS, not the cheapest shared hosting so I didn’t think I had that much to gain there. But I gave Kinsta a go and BAM – the site got 4 times faster again. And that’s the speed difference you are noticing. The site was super fast on Kinsta even when I copied the version of the site that preceded my painstaking code optimisations. Perhaps I didn’t need to bother. Although having said that, Kinsta have certain plugins that are on a blacklist for being too resource intensive. You can view that as a drag because you may have to swap one plugin you’ve been using for a long time for another similar one, but I see it as useful advice on how to maintain a speedy site from people who know what they’re talking about.


Regarding speed improvements for Microthemer – you bet. That’s my number one focus now that I’ve added deep integration with Elementor 🙂


Thanks for the detailed reply!

Re the MT speed – so exiting, can’t wait! I’ll try not to bug you with requests until you release this 🙂

Best regards,

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