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Hi! I am new of micromether and I have some questions:
I am working on
1) where does it storing the css and how does ti work with the style.css already present in the theme? the question is to understand better what can I do whit it, and especially somethimes is faster for me go to change the css file generated by michromether for small changes.
2) I did a lot of changes in a page, and after saving ..and reloading the page ..everything disappeared, how can avoid it again ?
3) I would like to re-use the selector created. I mean, for example I create a selector named title-1 and I set it with font, size, colors and so on… The question is, can I use again title-1 in other parts of the site without create a new one selector for each? How can I select my previously compiled selectors?


I try to double click the button, or the logo, but it opens the link below and does not allow me to modify the css.
How can I do ?
Should I use the selectors some how ?

Mirco (Developper User)


Hi Mirco,

I’ve merged your two topics so that I can provide answers to your questions in one place.

It sounds like there might be a plugin/theme conflict preventing Microthemer from functioning correctly. The point you made about losing your settings worries me the most. This shouldn’t happen. Microthemer auto-saves after every style you apply. It doesn’t auto-save after creating a folder or selector, but if you did lots of changes I’m guessing you did enter some styles right? By the way, you mat be able to retrieve your work using the revision restore feature in the left menu (which may need expanding).

Would you mind sending me login details for the site you’re working on so that I can inspect it with Firebug and make sure that no Javascript errors are occurring? You can use this secure contact form to send the login details:

In the meantime, in answer to questions 1 and 3:

Q1 Answer. Microthemer creates a stylesheet called active-styles.css located in /wp-content/micro-themes/active-styles.css. All the CSS it creates is located in this one stylesheet. It simply overrides the default CSS non-destructively by taking advantage of the rules of CSS specificity – which basically means that a style rule can override another style rule without having to delete it. You can read my tutorial about CSS specificity here:

I wouldn’t manually change the CSS in active-styles.css directly if I were you. Your changes would be wiped out the next time you save your settings via Microthemer. If you want to write custom CSS code I advise that you use the custom code editor (click the code editor icon at the top right of Microthemer).

Q3 Answer. By default, Microthemer generates the most ‘specific’ selectors it can when you double-click something. It sounds like it has managed to target the heading 1 on just one page in your case. The idea is that you can broaden your targeting after double-clicking something by clicking the advanced options link and then dragging the slider on the targeting tab down. The getting started video has an example of using the targeting slider:

I appreciate that the highlighting can’t reveal whether or not your selector will target the same element across different pages. As a rule of thumb, try the broadest option (if it doesn’t target more things than you want on the current page you’re viewing).

As you’ve already created your heading 1, here’s what you can do:

  1. Navigate to the heading 1 selector you created using the main menu in the top
  2. Then click the name of the selector in the breadcrumbs at the top (to the right of the main menu)
  3. This will open the manual selector editing options.
  4. Remove all of the CSS selector code apart from ‘h1’ (if you don’t see h1 please paste the selector you see and I will explain how to modify it)
  5. Click the edit selector button.
  6. Now your styles should affect all heading 1s across the whole site

I hope that helps. Please do consider sending me login details for site so that I can investigate any problems that might affect your ability to save your settings.

Note: it’s getting late in my part of the world so I might have to pick this up again in about 8 hours.




Ciao Sebastian ! thanks!
I have sent to u a private message 🙂 thanks!
Q1 > clear, I understand
Q3 > clear!
aaaa…great plugin 🙂 (when i will be a master in using it :))

Good Night from Italy!

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