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Just purchased and activated Themeover css on my localhost (.local domain) successfully, but only the plus sign comes while selecting and not creating the CSS editor interface. That is the plugin is not working on localhost site. But however, the plugin works on the “.com” domain of the same site content.

In my account, out of 3 licenses, it says two of them were exhausted. Then, why is the THEMEOVER CSS not working on localhost wamp wordpress?

It may be noted that both my local and com domain are identical copies with identical settings established by backup-restore methods.



No problem regarding the local copy of your site. I have updated our system to exclude .local suffix domains from domain quotas. Could you check that this is reflected on your My Downloads page please?

However, Microthemer should work fine on localhost. I develop Microthemer on a local wamp server. So something is going on there. Normally I would request access details, but as the problem only happens on your local install online access won’t be possible. As a workaround could you fire up your browser console by right-clicking the page and choosing Inspect. Then go to the console tab and take a screenshot of any errors? Or copy and paste the error text.

If you would prefer to keep the screenshot/errors private, you can message me via our secure contact form to start an email thread: https://themeover.com/support/contact/


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