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Oy, this is so frustrating.

I’m trying to do the simplest thing: decrease the header margin from 20px to 5 px.

I have the latest version installed. The email is registered / activated. I define the selector (“Header”). I make the changes for the padding. It looks like it updates… then nothing.

So far this has been true of all three changes i have tried (header, font changes, background color). I’ve been at this for over an hour, and not a single item has changed on the site. Sometimes it gets stuck in the “infinite loading wheel” that people have talked about (which i understand is a javascript error).

What is going on? Do you have suggestions?


Hi, infinkity,

Have you tried manually saving using the Save icon in the upper right toolbar?
Or using Ctrl+S on the keyboard?


Yes indeedie, I have tried both methods of saving. Sadly, neither worked. I even tried a hard refresh of the page or two (and a couple iterations of saving, refreshing, etc).

Other ideas?

(and also thank you for your contribution 🙂


I’ve found Internet Explorer to be “quirky” so if that is a possible issue try Chrome or Firefox – btw, I only use IE because some clients still do – lol.

More than likely it’s a conflict so I’d suggest the tedious deactivating plugins, then reactivate one at a time to find out where the issue is caused.

A final thought is mod_security rules on the hosting server. On one VPS I couldn’t add or copy folders until I edited the rules in the hosting manager.


Interesting. Interesting. These are all good suggestions.

BROWSER: I’m using Chrome, not IE.
PLUGINS: I have very few plugins active (all well rated and fairly standard).
SERVER: I don’t think it would be the server b/c they are open about virtually everything (i have had zero issues in the past).

POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENT: Multi-Site – I just read a discussion on Code Canyon, and Themeover indicated they have had some issues with Multi-Site in the past. Maybe this could be the issue… (at the bottom)

When i click on Microthemer through the side bar, it brings me to the right domain. However, when i click on Microthemer through the admin bar, it brings me to the WRONG DOMAIN (my base domain, rather than the remapped version). Think this could be affecting it?


Another bizarre Update:

I signed into the admin in Safari (instead of my default browser, chrome). With Microthemer open, i could see that the padding changes for the header WERE VISIBLE!?! This is so weird. So the changes are there somewhere.

When opening the site in browser ‘incognito’ (no cookies or cache) OR when opening in a different browser (mozilla), OR when opening the site normally, the changes are not reflected. It looks like the changes are exclusively in safari and only when logged in and only when microthemer is open.

So weird.


Hold me – I’m scared 🙂

Multi-site – I run those as often as I can and map domains, too. In the network admin, when you edit the site, are the home url and site url both on the mapped domain or the default? I ask because I could only use one or the other to work in Microthemer properly.

To set them both at the mapped domain worked but when it came to updating the network it failed because it was considered cross-domain. What I do now is leave the sites under the default domain in both home and site, and perform all Microthemer styling with the mapped domain secondary. When done, set the mapped domain primary again.

That’s a server security because even though the mapped domain and default domain reside in the same install, they still qualify as cross-domain and mod_security prevents script execution.


The Safari offers a twist – possible browser caching?


SOLVED – (for the moment)

Abland!! You are my HERO!!!!!! You were so right about the Multi-Domain thing. As it turns out, The answer to the problem was to change the setting in [ Network Admin -> Sites -> Settings -> Domain (+Path, if it applies) ]
RootSite(dot)com/SubSite to Subsite(dot)com which mirrors how it is mapped with the “domain mapping” plugin (for multi-site). For whatever reason, this solved the issue.

Additionally, when i dumped my cache (i’m using WP Rocket for speed optimization) then pre-loaded it again, the proper header will show in all browsers.

Seriously, Abland, I owe you one. There is something so special about working with a peer in a community like this. Good Karma is definitely coming your way. Thank you, thank you. Until next we meet…



@Abland – you are such a legend. I’m just reading this discussion now after being away for the weekend. This is not the first time your multisite knowledge has saved the day. Thank you.

– I’m really glad Abland was able to help you get to the bottom of this. And thank you for sharing your fix, I’m sure this will help others. If you need assistance with anything else I’m here.


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