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This is a continuation of https://themeover.com/forum/topic/improvement-keyboard-shortcuts-for-prev-next-selector/#post-10517

One small observation (I mentioned this in another thread but would like to ask you again) – MT works somehow laggy, it is not… how to say… snappy or quick, even though I am not selecting any elements – responding to clicks is a little bit slow. Do you think it is possible to optimize the performance in some way?
I compare it to Yellow Pencil for example and YP does everything very fast.

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Hey Drago,

Performance improvements are on my immediate roadmap (instant style rendering and loading of selectors, instead of involving a network connection and the time that incurs). However, the time lag for responding to clicks isn’t something I’ve noticed on my development server. Or when I login to customers’ installs of Microthemer to provide support. So I wonder if this is something I can fix for you sooner rather than later.

Would you mind sending me access details for your site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot? I would like to install my development version of Microthemer which runs timers on all of MTs JS functions, so I should be able to isolate the cause.

Having the Styles tab open (instead of the Computed tab) during targeting mode does cause a known slowdown on sites that load lots of CSS code. But you should see a warning about that (if it takes longer than 1 second). And this would only have an effect in targeting mode, not when you’re applying styles.



Dear Sebastian,

Unfortunately, accessing my Dev site would not be possible – it is on a localhost setup, and the live site does not have MT enabled (and I wouldn’t want anything changed there as I have a strict syncing procedure with my Dev Env).

Here is a short screen recording, showing that there is a small delay in the app response on every click. The delay is not a nuisance when clicking once or twice, but when working long time it becomes quite an annoyance.


You can see that I also clicked once on the prev selector button and there was a bigger lag but if I properly understand, you are already working on improving this.
Best regards,


Thanks Drago, I see what you mean about the clicks. And I think the planned optimisations will help with that actually, because less HTML will be present in the UI at any one time. And the selector navigation will be instant instead of triggering the loading icon in the top left, because no network connection will be involved. Also, styles will apply instantly by eliminating the current network connection.



Wow! You are always several steps ahead of me! 🙂

Thank you!

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