Plug-in changes to wordpress install?

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Apart from the usual files dropped in the plugins folder, does your plugin make any changes to the SQL database or core files?

I want to be able to WHITELIST event log entries and alerts I am seeing with my security plugins.

One I just saw relates to a database table added wp_micro_revisions..

Can you please advise on what core file and/or database changes relate to safe use of your plugin?

Before I start panicking about potential hacking 😉



Hi Kat,

Certainly. Microthemer creates just one new table as you’ve mentioned: wp_micro_revisions. It also creates a few table rows in the wp_options database (microthemer_ui_settings and preferences_themer_loader). Finally, it creates the following folder on the server: /wp-content/micro-themes/. It places a number of files and subdirectories in this main folder as you apply new styles and create design packs.

I think that’s everything. If you want to query anything when browsing your security logs feel free to write back here any time.


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