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Hi there,

me and my team are working mostly with the pure code editor.

Sometimes you copy code and paste it, sometimes you just add a @mixin and the level of the property changes. It’s mostly ending up in a little mess.

Just an example (screenshot)

Personaly I work with PHPStorm, but my team does not have that nor even acces via FTP.
So the common workaround is: CTRL + A > CTRL + C > open e.g. Visual Studio > CTRL + V > format code > CTRL A > CTRL + C > Microthemer > CTRL + V.


I am not sure if that was being asked already (searched for it), but a built in ‘prettifier / code formatter’ would commin’ really really really handy.

Would that fit into the roadmap — or maybe there’s a known browser extension (Chrome) available I am not aware of?

Thank you.


Hey, thanks for reporting this. I will include this feature in version 7, which is a few weeks away from being available as a beta. I will add a beautifier option alongside the option to make the editor drag resizable (see 3 dots at the top left of the editor).



Superb, thank you Sebastian.

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