problem on "important" or not importan css ..I am confused! [site changes]

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Hi all!
I am using Microtheme in a pair of site but in I am having several problems! This is the issue:
1) actually the site is …quite stable and the look nice, but I have to make some changes in Mobile view I have used Microtheme for changing several things, and after that I have also customized the style.css in some part ..
2) if I don’t touch nothing works ..and css are ok … but:
2a) If I go inside Microtheme and touch something (whatever) a lot of changes in css appear and radically canche my site ..
2b) If i completely disable Microthem, my site radically change …

So … there are some canghes in Microthem that are online ..and some of them that are not online .. (and when I go inside Microthem they turn active).

I have a bit of confusion becasue I don’t know which Selector are Active and which Not .. i would like to clean a little bit the situation ..because actually I cannot touch nothing (if I touch site goes wrong).

Is there any way to understand .. which selector are active and which are not used so I can delete, and start again?

sorry’s also hard to explain.

I share you the wp-admin or login as well in order to help me
the login is
user and password admin I can share privately

Any help??


Hey Mirco,

Sure, please send over login details via our secure contact form.

My general advice is to enable Draft mode via the General menu. That way you can play around as much as you like without affecting how the site appears to your visitors. From your description that touching anything in Microthemer brings about changes you don’t see normally, it sounds like you might already have draft mode on?

You can see which selectors target what on the page by expanding the selectors menu (top left) and then hover your mouse over the highlight icon. This will highlight the elements a given selector targets. You will also see a disable icon here. That’s useful for temporarily disabling a selector and seeing what effect if is having on the page. You can also disable whole folders, responsive tabs (hover over the tab for a while, then hover over the 3 dots that appear), and property groups (e.g. padding by hovering over PADDING label).

I assume that you’re using the latest version of Microthemer (V5)? If so, you can also see which selectors target which elements by enabling Targeting mode (click the Target button), and then hover over elements. A blue number will be shown if a selector targets an element you hover over. And you can navigate to the selector via this number.


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