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Hello Sebastian,

My first post in this forum.

I am having a problem with anchor links styling.
When I click on Target and after that click on let’s say a button because it’s ana anchor link it scroll and I lose the chance to create my selector.

Hope the issue is clear.
Loving MT so far 🙂


Roberto Ciccolella


Hey Roberto,

Great to hear you’re enjoying Microthemer!

For this scenario I recommend clicking a nearby container element the link is inside, and then using the directional controls to move down to the link element. So you don’t click the link element directly. Alternatively, if you have clicked the show advanced link in targeting mode, clicking on the line of HTML for the link will select it. And so too will clicking the breadcrumbs.

This video shows those features in action (around the 1:25 mark):

Does that seem like a viable solution to your issue?



Hi Sebastian,

Sorry for my late reply. I will definetely follow your suggestions.

I also use Oxygen to build sites, have you ever heard of this website builder?

Hope MT can be effectively integrated with Oxygen.

Trying the CSS animation right now…



Hey Roberto,

Yes I’m aware of Oxygen. And I’m keen to ensure Microthemer works well with all page builders. If you’ve noticed any compatibility issues, please feel free to send access details via our secure contact form so that I can troubleshoot.


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