Problems with Microthemer & WordPress 4.7 and Twenty Seventeen

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I’m trying out Microthemer Lite on a WP4.7 install and using the new Twenty Seventeen theme. I’m new to Microthemer and it may be me but I’m trying to change the font for the site title. I created a rule and I try to change it to any font and no matter what it goes to the same Serif font. I try to change it to a Google font and all the fonts look the same in the preview window.



Thanks for emailing over the error report too. Does that mean you’re working on localhost? That’s a shame, from a troubleshooting perspective, because I installed a vanilla 4.7beta with Twenty Seventeen and didn’t get the same issues applying styles. I set the site title to a Google font (on page 17, they get more distinct the further you go):

4.7 beta testing microthemer

Do you have any other plugins installed that you could try temporarily disabling?



Not working on localhost so I set up a user/pass for you. Send an email to tberneman (at) gmail (dot) com and I will reply back with the credentials.

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