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Thanks for reporting this. I have already done the other fixes relating to Microthemer following links to images. But what you’ve encountered is something new. Microthemer follows the link because the link is two levels above the span that you actually click – not something I’ve come across before. It should be easy to sort though. I’ll release a quick fix tomorrow.



@shamrockoz I’ve released version 3.6.7 now which fixes the issue you reported with Microthemer following links.

Please update and let me know if things are OK.




The update works great- thank you.

Some notes / points of interest.

1) On the WP b/end when I look at the plugin changelog details the link is blue but is not clickable.
2) I am no where near the level of mwdonnelly and abland – but I note that you are so, well, responsive – that I had no choice but buy your plugin. I also applaud the forum – very friendly and helpful.
3) In a previous response to mine you used the word “Viewport” – I think I know what you mean but I will try to figure this out. Do you mean, when I have selected a type of view? Like Laptop, Phone or iPad view?

Your plugin is wicked good and has helped me create a more responsive framework.

Go Themeover team!


3) – You mentioned going into edit media queries and set viewport level to 1 – this works for me so I think I now understand what you mean by viewport.

I do have a question about resizing Divi (Elegant Themes) portfolio images for iPhone – but I will raise the question on its own in the forum.


@shamrockoz thank you for the kind words. We’re happy to help.

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the changelog link. I’ll look into that.
  2. I’m very glad that you’ve found the forum to be friendly and supportive
  3. Yep, the viewport setting is connected to the media queries. It tells mobile devices not to auto scale a site down
  4. OK, I’ll check your other question.



Take a look at the “Genesis Extender” CSS-Editor (only works for the Genesis framework):

This would be my preferred user interface. Maybe you can get some inspiration from the videos.



Regarding your suggestion on turning “off” a selector by adding xxx chars at the end of the selector code, it works great! Thanks! You might want to either put that as a ‘tip’ someplace on the selector detail; for instance:

Give your selector a better descriptive name and/or modify the CSS selector code (if you know CSS). Add xxx to the end of your selector code if you want to disable the selector but still keep the settings.

I’d prefer it if you did create an on/off button that does just this. It’s a nice UI feature that would help test the selector and its impact. Sometimes, with so many selectors and fidgety CSS, it’s nice to know if a specific selector did impact something you’re seeing (usually on another page).

BTW, I have already implemented your suggestion! Thanks for the tip!!!


@jps_themeover thanks for sharing the videos. I like some of the functionality the Genesis Extender has:

  1. The ability to preview adjustments before they go live for website visitors
  2. The visual tags on the page for key elements that can be targeted

We’ll be implementing a ‘draft mode’ in Microthemer soon which will take care of point one. And another user requested the ability to preview block level elements on the page. That feature is also scheduled, but will be done a bit further down the line – when we have a proper review of the current highlighting and targeting system.

I also think he explains things well in the video. We can certainly take some inspiration on that.

It seems most useful for people that are comfortable with, or willing to learn how to edit a CSS stylesheet directly. It generates CSS code, but then you have to edit the generated CSS directly if you want to edit the styles. If that’s your preferred work flow, perhaps you could generate styles in Microthemer, go the the view CSS popup in the left toolbar, and then paste the CSS code into Microthemer’s code editor (the icon for which is currently at the top right). You can hit Control+S to save your changes while working in the code editor to see them immediately.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.



@mwdonnelly I’m glad you’re finding the current work around useful. I’d be happy to add a toggle to the selectors. Thinking about it, it might be nice to have a similar toggle for temporarily disabling whole folders too.


Just a thought here …

Upon selector edit – can we see the available selector options available just like the when we create one for the first time?


I see where you’re coming from with this one. It will be a bit tricky to implement though because a selector might target multiple things on the page (e.g. all links in a menu). Microthemer wouldn’t necessarily know which menu link was initially double-clicked at the point of selector creation.

Your request has given me food for thought though. Monika has been designing the new selector wizard with additional options for targeting specific pages and using pseudo selectors. We’ve been talking about how the same selector variation options that could be applied to existing selectors (this might be useful when copying a selector and then setting it’s pseudo state to :hover for instance).

I’m thinking out loud here, but we could achieve this by having an ‘Adjust using wizard’ link next to the CSS selector code textarea (which you get to by clicking the name of the selector in the top toolbar). This would launch the wizard again. By default, Microthemer would behave as if the first menu item had been double-clicked as a potential way to address the original element issue. The user could double-click other elements to re-target though, just like using the selector wizard as normal. The difference then would be that instead of creating a new selector, the wizard would update the existing selector you’re editing.

Does that description make sense? And do you think the system would work for you?




If I follow you correctly – this would be a really fantastic.


Another request …

When I am on a particular styling option – can the plugin remember the ‘previous state’ I was in when I choose another styling option?

By this I mean the following -:

1) Let’s say I am looking at Dimensions
2) I then change the viewport to Phone and change the slider down to 380px for example
3) I then change the style to look at Background – the display is then changed to default at “All Devices” 1664px – it would be great if the display was inherited from the last state – i.e. Phone, 380px


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