Pseudo-Elements [feature request]

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Is Pseudo-Elements on the road map
But more specifically ::before/::after. CSS content Property with space to write some stuff.
So would could add content and style it 🙂 I’ve added the content property to the code area before then styled it but be great to have it built in.



The new selector wizard will have ‘filters’ for conveniently appending pseudo selectors like ::before, ::after, :hover etc to the selectors Microthemer suggests. Currently, you can of course manually append ::before and ::after to the suggested selectors in the wizard, or via the editor selector options.

The content property is already in the GUI. It’s on the Behaviour property group, right at the end, currently missing an icon.



Pseudo-elements can now be selected from the console. Read more here:


Wow that’s great ?

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