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Few days ago I have moved a site from my dev domain to the customer’s domain by using ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION plugin. And after that, I’ve noticed, that the REVISION doesn’t work. It shows the last option from 5 days ago (when the transfer happened).

Any ideas why that happened and what to do ? Reinstall MT or is there something else I can do ?

Thx in advance.


[original answered removed because it misunderstand the problem and posed an incorrect theory]


Soooo … what should I do, regards gaining Revision back again ? Now, I don’t care about those that are “lost” … just want them back for those changes I do “right now”. Shall I reinstall MT ? If YES, won’t I lost the CSS styles I have ?

Thank you in advance, Sebastian.



Sorry I misread your first post. I thought you lost the previous revisions, but had 5 since migrating. It’s strange that new revisions are not being made. I will do some more testing at my end and try to find out what’s going on.

I’ll update you later today.


OK…no worries. Just to confirm/rephrase what I wrote…after the transfer I can see only the revisions before the transfer, none after that 😊




I just completed a test migration and it worked fine. History from before the migration copied over, so the ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION plugin does in fact migrate non WP tables. And new history gets created successfully after the migration.

It seems something specific to your install is causing the issue. Would you mind sending access details via our secure contact form?



Yep 🙂 … confirmed by Pim Jitsawang


Thank you so much for getting in touch.
Our plugin will export all tables with table prefix that your current WP has.
If your user-defined tables have the same prefix as your WP, they will also be exported.

In your case, WP has wp_ as table prefix, so wp_micro_revisions will be exported as well.


Account Manager at ServMask Inc.

The login details should be with you by now. Thank you in advance.

PS : Possible that older version of PHP might be behind this ?


Regards your reply when it comes to fixing the database. I don’t have access to it (yet). Probably today or tomorrow I’m going to move the hosting from the company where it’s now to my own hosting … so we might give it a try later. Once I have complete control, I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your help with this.


OK, thanks for the update. I’m here if you need help.

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