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I have created a set of selectors to style a Gravity form on a particular page on my site. How do I quickly apply this form styling to Gravity Forms on other pages, or do I have to repeat the process manually for each form?



Hi Jamie,

You don’t need to repeat the process, but you will need to adjust your selectors so that they reference classes common to all gravity forms, rather than just the first gravity form you styled. To change the targeting of an existing selector, click the selector name in the top toolbar, then click the ‘Re-target’ icon.

You can choose alternative selectors in Microthemer by clicking the ‘show advanced’ link – see the Targeting suggestions on the right, use the dropdown menus.

And it may save you time to switch the specificity to ‘Low’ at the top right of the suggestions – that will favour classes over ids for the default suggestions (Microthemer may have referenced a unique id when suggesting the selectors earlier).

If you can send me a link to the page with the first gravity form (and a gravity form on another page), I can give you some more guidance on the exact classes you should look for in MT’s Targeting suggestions so that your styling applies to all forms.


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