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Hello, I noticed this issue in the past few weeks. One folder for my selectors is called “Content”. I have 43 selectors currently in this folder. However I noticed recently there is now a “Content_2” folder which I never created. And, when I create a new selector and try to save it to “Content”, it gets saved to “Content_2” instead (and the Microthemer toolbar shows “Content_2” as well). I have no idea how Content_2 got created nor why Microthemer refuses to save anything more in my Content folder.

I’m wondering what is going on here?




Now that you’ve raised this, it’s occurred to me that MT should really notify you that folders have a max limit of 40 selectors. That’s what’s happening here. It’s for performance reasons. MT can handle thousands of selectors in total without slowing down, but only by setting limits on the number of selectors any single folder can have.

Can you find a way to logically split the selectors into two or more folders (perhaps with better names than Content and Content _2)?


P.s. I’m not certain why you were able to have 43, rather than 40, unless you added them before MT imposed the limit.


Ah, that explains it! I was able to have more selectors than 40 under Content because of the drag and drop functionality that allows one to move selectors between folders. I just tried it and now have 44 in my Content folder 🙂 The fact I am able to do this furthers my confusion – the tool prevents more than 40 when creating selectors, but doesn’t prevent more than 40 when dragging/dropping.

I would absolutely recommend displaying an error or dialog box if someone tries to create more than 40. As my post would indicate, the user experience is not good when the tool seemingly decides on its own to create a new folder and put my selector in it with no indication to me of how/why it’s doing it.

I can and will definitely split the folder into more folders to overcome the 40 selector limitation. I already have about 20 folders, why not have a few more 🙂

Thanks so much Sebastian!


You got it, this will be included in the next release 🙂

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