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Hi there, I would like to keep my CSS file size to a minimum as we have over 100 pages with individual page specific styles that don’t need to load on every page.

Question: is it possible now with MT7 for styles to load on individual pages only?

By that I mean styles that get injected only when a specific page loads, not bundled together as one gigantic CSS file.

*Note: I’m planning to use Sass with Oxygen with MT.

Thank you!



This feature wasn’t introduced in version 7, but it is the next main feature to be added. Right now I’m still refining some of the changes in version 7, but I will move onto this soon.



Hi thanks for the reply. In that case can I just work on the site now, and later on when updates arrive, scope them somehow?


Side note: is MT compatible with Oxygen 4?


Yes, you certainly can. Just organise selectors for a given page into a folder. When this feature becomes available you will be able to assign folders to certain page logic.

And yes, I haven’t found any issues with Oxygen 4.

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