Seems that updating crashed Microthemer

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Hi Sebastian,

Hope you had a good time at your festival…

I updated Microthemer to the latest version on one of my client’s site and she told me that she lost all her styles… I went to Microthemer and saw that all my folders are there with the number of elements in them, but when I toggle to open them, I just have a serie of blank/empy elements (some have one out of 12+)… I tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling, tried installing a previous version and nothing changed… I tried using you code in the functions.php and deactivating the plugin to see if it would bring it back, but with no success…

Usually I always make a backup before updating a plugin, but since I never had any trouble with Microthemer and it’s just a “secondary” plugin (in the sense that it doesn’t change the structure or add things to the site) I didn’t take the time to do it this time…

My active style file only have one entry, so I don’t know if it means that everything has been deleted… It seems to be somewhere in the DB, since it knows how many elements I had, but that’s about it…

P.S. I also now remember that at one point, after doing a modification, it took a while to refresh and I had a saved error… so it might not be the update but the fact that the failed save has removed everything…


Hi again,

You can forget it Sebastian… It was effectively the save problem, but I just noticed that there is a revision history that allowed me to go back to the step previous to that problem and now everything is back to normal!

Thank you for thinking about that and creating such a good, but also strong product!!!


Hey Nelson,

I’m glad you managed to resolve this using the revision history. That’s what I would have suggested. It sounds like it may have been a random connection error where the data was only partially saved (had it failed to save completely, your original settings would have remained intact). But if you notice any further problems with this site, please send me access details via our secure contact form and I will troubleshoot this immediately.



Thank you Sebastian. I have connections problems these days, so not necessarily due to Microthemer… I may have lost connection while it was saving… Just to clear things up in case some people read this and think Microthemer is to blame or dangerous to loose your work… It’s the opposite! The revision history in this case saved us hours of time, so it shows it’s a wonderfully robust product!

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