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I just purchased the plugin. I am testing it on a site that I need to change a specific element on. You can see the element at On the profile (which is the Userpro plugin) I need to change the look and behaviour of only the links in the sections where the input is a URL field.

For instance, the Link to Sales Page and Link To Authors page. I want to change the primary and hover color of just the link. When I use the selector I am not able to target just the link field. At the best I was able to target the link and the label to the left, but I do not want to edit the label. The goal is just to make the link more visible and actually look like a link.

If you could help me and point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Hi, bracwardlaw,

Try these:

For the Sales page link:
.userpro-field-sales_page .userpro-input a.ext-link

For the Author page link:
.userpro-field-authors_page .userpro-input a.ext-link


Cool, thanks that is helpful. I know how to get to that using the CSS stuff but how do I get to that level using the Microthemer selector?


In the advanced options window on the right, instead of the “Targeting” tab, select the “Inspector” tab and arrow up or down, and to the sides to see if that brings you in.


Hi there,

I’ve had a look at your site and if I understand you correctly I think your struggling because what appears to be a link isn’t actually a link element. It’s just some text that has no HTML tags separating it from the reset of the content. See the following screenshot:

Text isn't actually a proper HTML link element

The text I have highlighted with a large red ellipse isn’t actually a link, even though it looks like one. It’s just some plain old text. The button highlighted with a small ellipse is a real link.

This issue needs to be fixed at the content level via WordPress content editing options – if they exist. Microthemer can only style what is already on the page. Does your UserPro plugin have some options for changing this?


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