Selecting Elements with Microthemer is way off

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Hi! I bought microthemer recently to test is out, but I’m having a weird whacky issue when I select an element, the padding, margin, width, & height is not showing correctly at all when selecting elements in microthemer.

I’m using a fresh latest install of Oxygen v.3.9, and my MicroThemer plugin is up to date, what is wrong? I’ve tried regenerating all the CSS in MicroThemer settings, but it doesn’t fix the issue, please help!

Here is a video showing my issue:



Hey Kohler,

Thanks so much for reporting this. I actually noticed this myself this morning. I was going to release the fix after finishing the feature I’m working on this afternoon, but I’ve expediated the release. You should see an option to upgrade to version appear in your WP dashboard soon. If not, you can download it from My Downloads now.

The padding could be misaligned when a site sets box-sizing to content-box on MT’s highlighting elements.

Incidentally, this release also includes a fix for a conflict with the “Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce” plugin, which was loading MT’s scripts multiple times, causing odd behaviour.



Wow! You’re fast! Thank you so much!

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