SSL Problem [some urls are hard coded http]

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Running Microthemer on a site using SSL and ran into issues with Google Fonts. When attempting to change the font to a Google font, I’d select Google Font from the drop down list. A popup window would appear as normal, only it would be void of any fonts.

After a little digging, it looks like non-SSL urls are hard coded into a few files within the plugin. The file names are as follows:

  • microthemer/js/fonts.js
  • microthemer/includes/fonts-api.php
  • microthemer/includes/

Removing the http: and just leaving behind the // solved the problem. But thought I’d let you guys know.


Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time to report this. I’ve fixed the issues on my development version and will release an update tomorrow.

Thanks again.



Any time. I do a lot of troubleshooting, so no big deal. Have installed Microthemer on a few sites. This just happened to be the first SSL one. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it.


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