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Notice: this information was written when Microthemer version 2 was current. On Dec 26th, 2014 version 3 was released with a completely new interface. Some of the information may be redundant, but as much of the functionality remains the same in version 3 we haven't deleted this post.

This thread is really about what happens when one does not decide to use the classic Twenty Eleven theme as I did on my last site. It just did not match the design needed. The theme I decided to start with was actually Manifest by JIm Barraud:

As many users know, this is a refreshingly direct and uncluttered theme. However – of course – its never exactly how you want it so you want to tweak, even if its a lowering of case here and a bigger font size there.

Now the trouble is the Microthemer install describes inheritance from the Twenty Eleven theme – and the video procedure i.e. import of settings to avoid a lot of typing worked wonderfully well.

However with a new theme starting in a different place – like Manifest – its hard to see the 1, 2, 3 steps to install and start tweaking, and see if in fact this is a reasonable thing to ask Microthemer to help with.

So, bottom line, new theme is installed, content being edited as we speak – screenshot at the following link as the main site isn’t live yet:

I’m trying to see if this theme/site can indeed be tweaked with the help of Microthemer




Microthemer’s support for customizing themes is decided by what’s available in the Theme Packs repository:

There isn’t currently a Theme Pack for “Manifest” so you wouldn’t be able to use Microthemer to tweak it at this stage. I can add Manifest to our list of themes to support if you like?




Hi Sebastian

that would be really (really) great!

As many have commented Manifest is nice because its simple but of course things are never quite exactly how your need them 😉

Of course I’ve made a start editing in Manifest now, if we do get Blank Slate support on it, do I have to begin again or will it likely update what’s there.




Have you started editing styles.css?

You wouldn’t need to start again. But if you were applying some styles in Microthemer and some styles directly to style.css it might get tedious switching between the 2 editing locations and trying to remember where you’d applied which styles…


No – only really done content editing not delved into .css.

I did suppress comments by means of a plug in and enter some code in header.php to allow validation by Google but that’s about it 😉



Ah, you shouldn’t run into any problems then. However, they’re are a few other themes ahead of Manifest in the “To Support” queue, and so I couldn’t give you an exact date as to when Manifest will be supported.


Grateful for the support per se, it really is fantastic and enabling, I’d be totally stuck without Microthemer, honest.

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