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Hi Sebastian,

I have a REALLY weird behavior on one site that I’ve never seen before: when I select some text on the site, the background color of the selection is different (a light blue) that usual AND THE TEXT IS THE SAME COLOR as the background…! So, we can’t see the text that we select…! REALLY weird…

I’m using the usual Astra Pro and Elementor Pro combination, so I have no clue what that can be…

Anyway, I was able to solve that on the front-end by using a ::selection rule… but it’s not applied on the back-end (where I have that problem as well, hence it’s more a WP problem I guess than a theme problem)…

Do you know of any way I could apply CSS to the back-end as well?


P.S. In fact, the problem is that somewhere, the text ::selection is set to transparent (color: #0000;). Don’t know if there is just one zero that shouldn’t be there (sets alpha to 0) or if it’s by purpose, but the problem is still there…


Hey Nelson,

MT doesn’t currently have a means of adding CSS to the WP admin area, but here is a method for doing that manually via theme files:

I hope that helps!



It works!

I didn’t want to have to add a child theme just for that, but anyway, I know the client would have found it hard to use…

Thanks a lot for going the extra miles!!


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