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I created a Caldera form, and changed the button with Mcrothemer (size and color). But I have no idea how to style when hovering.
Any help is appreciated.


Hey Guy,

Sorry for the slow reply, I was just working on an important update which I’ve just released (

To style a button in it’s hover state, you need to create a selector with the :hover pseudo class. The following video shows how to do this in Microthemer:

It also shows how to turn off the hover modifier so it’s not added to all future selectors.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need assistance with anything else.



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks a lot for the screencast, it is so easy once you know it My problem was the order of doing things, but thanks to you I understand how to do it now!



You’re welcome!

I’m here if you need assistance with anything else.

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