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Gregory Ofori

Hi there.
I would like to apply some styling to a button, but every time I select the button, even with targeting ON, microthemer follows the link to the next page instead of just selecting the button to style.

How do I get around this issue?


Hey Gregory,

The button probably has some JavaScript behaviour attached to it which sends you to another page when you click it. And unlike regular links and form buttons, Microthemer can’t block that. So the trick is to select it without clicking it. When hovering over an element, simply hit the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac), instead of clicking.

Another option – if you expand the inspection panels using the “Inspect” option at the bottom left, you can click on the lines of HTML to select elements. Or use the breadcrumb controls in the footer bar below.


Gregory Ofori

Thank you, this resolves the issue.

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