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Hi Sebastian.

How to approach styling saved rows (not global) ? I have a layout that I want to have certain shape styled with CSS. This layout will be for all the pages, but depending on the page i want to change the colour of the background of the layout.

How to target/assign the styling so it is applied through the whole page? Where to apply the styling – when you create the row, you want to save … or to the template, once it is saved?

Thank you in advance, Z


Hey Zdenek,

I think the solution you are looking for is custom classes added via BB’s advanced row settings. The following video shows how to do this, and also shows how to set different colors for different pages:

I hope I understood your question correctly. Please let me know if you need further assistance.



That’s cheating Sebastian 🙂 🙂 🙂

I thought about using the BB classes, but I was like : “Nooooo, there has to be a way in MT without them. Surely I’m missing something”. And then you tell me to use the custom classes 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, at least I was able to come up with it on my own/confirmed by you 🙂 … thank you so much for making the video.


Haha, Microthemer can normally suggest selectors for targeting many different arrangements of elements without needing to insert custom classes – for a given page. But not when common elements are sporadically placed on different pages across the site. For that, you need to define a custom class to tie all the common elements together.


I was thinking about giving them the PAGE ID and have for example 3 different “styles” for three different pages … but the problem was, that I :

– couldn’t target a general element (like H1, p, …) because it was affecting the whole site/page.
– coulnd’t target the “node (with the number)” because once the saved row was placed into a page, the node number changed 🙁 …

Custom classes was/is the only way to achieve this…


Yes, I noticed that the node number changes when you insert a saved row in BB. Perhaps not with a global saved row where the content is fixed?

I think BB needs a way to uniquely identify each row on the page, and this is made possible with unique node numbers.

Custom classes aren’t so bad though right? 🙂

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