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Hi Sebastian, All,
do you have plans to support editing of Variable Fonts? Here is a screenshot of Firefox Developer Tools which shows their slider-based interface for interactive editing.

Basic idea of Variable Fonts:
Giving Designers flexibility, while one only has to load a single (possibly self-hosted) file, which allows for endless Design-variations.

👋 Holger


Hey Holger,

Thanks for your suggestion. Sure I’m happy to add this one to the ToDo list.

You can currently add the @font-face rule to the Full code editor for loading the font (Settings > View > Full code view).

And you can enter custom font-variation-settings via the single selector code editor in the main view. But I appreciate that sliders would be helpful when tweaking the variation axis values.

And I can see the benefit of this for Google Fonts too.



Thanks Sebastian, great to hear you find the suggestion interesting!

Yup, Google has a variety of variable font which would profit from this integration as well. Having sliders could make font tweaking quite a playful – and unique in the WP-eco-system – experience. Just have a look at the fun website of this font foundy.

For the time being, we will look into using the code editor for modifications, as you suggested. I’ll be back if I have more questions.

👋 Holger


Yep, I’ve done a full scope out for this feature so it will get added at some point 🙂

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