Thanks … for bringing back the sidebar

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I was getting crazy without it 😀

Can’t be fixed all the time? I double click to select, the sidebar shows up and everything moves. It is a pain for the eyes.

What about highlight? Why is not possible to fix it too like it was in previous versions? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for all the updates.


Hi Antonio,

I’m glad you like the new (old) sidebar option!

Regarding the issue with the page moving after double-clicking, I will need to think on that one. It happens because the top toolbar reduces to 40px high in targeting mode. Previously, the style options remained during targeting. We changed this because newbies were sometimes trying to use the style options at the same time as the targeting options, expecting them to correspond in some way. This struck us as a reasonable assumption, so we hide the style options during targeting now.

I do see your point though. I’ll just need to think on it a bit rather than rush into a poor solution.

And regarding your point about turning on highlighting for existing selectors permanently – OK. I’m not entirely sure what drove that decision to be honest. I may have thought that temporary highlighting was sufficient for users. But now that you’ve brought this up, I will revisit that feature.



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the reply!

Over the years I get used to double-click somewhere near what I wanted to style. Then I looked at the sidebar and moved to parent or child (or next element) until I got selected what I really need. Finally, I would create the selector and proceed with styling.

Right now when I double-click to select something the sidebar shows up but, as soon nothing is selected the sidebar disappears (this is what I mean as eye pain: The top 40px is not an issue and I understand the problems / confusion it could raise to new users.

As it is (auto hide sidebar) I prefer to doc to the top. And maybe I should get used to the Target button instead of double-clicking 🙂 but it is hard to change habits.

Another thing that I think it could change for the better:

Right now we have to hover the highlight icon to see the highlighted selector on screen and then move the mouse to click on the label to activate the selector.

Wouldn’t be nice to hover the highlight icon and then just click on it to activate the selector?

Well… You have been doing an excellent job. Microthemer is the best!! 🙂

Have a nice weekend,


Hey Antonio,

I see what you mean about eye pain now. The double-click behaviour changed a bit in V5. In that double-click an already highlighted element disabled targeting mode. Whereas double-click a new element just switched targeting. Now double-clicking anywhere disables targeting mode if it is already active. But I actually think the old system may have been better. And considering the double-click functionality will be most used by the veterans, it may make sense to revert back.

With the new system, if you single click somewhere after double-clicking, MT with switch to hover targeting. And then another single-click will select a new element. You can use this to avoid the eye pain you’re currently getting. But like the new Target button, it will involve adjusting habits.

With regard to your highlight suggestion – I see your point. I will discuss this one with Monika. She’s not generally in favour of buttons doing more than one thing. So if the purpose is to highlight, users might be surprised that they’ve just navigated to a new selector upon clicking it. And actually, I’ve just noticed that the cursor icon should not be a pointing hand, because clicking it does nothing!

Thanks for your ever insightful feedback Antonio!

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