Themify Hamburger icon opens on double click instead of creating selector

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Hi, I want to edit the hamburger icon on a Themify theme. When I double click to select, it opens the site menu instead. Thanks, Diane


Hey Diane,

If an element you want to target responds to clicks in a way that alters the page, the trick is to target the element without directly clicking on it. It’s possible to do this by clicking on a nearby container element and then using the DOM navigation options to home in on it.

I demonstrate this in the ‘Targeting video’ (also available via the Microthemer Help menu):

You will need to expand the advanced targeting options using the ‘Show advanced’ link. And then you have 3 ways to switch targeting onto the hamburger icon without actually clicking on it: the breadcrumbs, HTML code, and the navigation arrows.

I hope this helps. If not, please send a link to your site so that I can advise you more specifically.


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