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Hi everybody
I have a problem with the toolbars of Microthemer. I’ve installed Microthemer on 2 live sites (I’m using the latest version on both, together with Elementor Pro). One one, it works perfectly; on the other, I can’t see the toolbars. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help


Hey Isabelle,

I’m not sure exactly what you’re seeing, but can offer some potential scenarios / suggestions:

  1. You haven’t created your first selector, which is necessary for the styles toolbar to appear. If so, click the Target button and then click on anything on the site preview to select it. Then click the CREATE SELECTOR button. Does the toolbar appear?
  2. You’ve clicked the MT logo (top left), which minimises the whole MT interface. Click it again to bring it back.
  3. You’ve entered the full code editor view. Go to View > Code editor and turn off the switch to go back to the main UI view.
  4. If none of the above are relevant, an error may have occurred on your site. Would you mind sending me access details for the affected site via our secure contact form so I can troubleshoot this? Or alternatively, post a screenshot (or a link to a screenshot) of what you see?



Hi Sebastian

thanks very much for your help. You solved my problem and Microthemer now works perfectly (I had switched on the code editor instead of the toolbar).

Best wishes


Ah OK, no problem at all. Thanks for confirming.

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