Top menu styling menu is not showing on Mac

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I think I am going to fall in love with this product, but I am frustrated because I cannot use it. All I see for a toolbar are tabs for devices and a few tiny buttons for settings, no cool buttons for changing fonts, colors, etc. anything like I see on your site and in the tutorials that come with the plugin.



The toolbar for changing styles only appears once you’ve created a selector. A selector targets things on the page, and then once you have that you can apply different styles to the thing(s) your selector targets. That’s the workflow.

So in the getting started video you will notice that around the 40 second mark the toolbar still just has the devices tabs. And then shortly after a selector is created with the help of the ‘selector wizard’ for targeting the links in the main menu. After that, the styles toolbar is displayed.

Does that make sense?


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