Transforms, transitions and animations will be added as a 3.x update soon

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Did these get added or are still on the radar.
as I cant seem to find them?


Aha, you caught us out over promising. The intention was to add animations, transitions, and transforms shortly after we released version 3. But then our development took a different direction after our customer feedback survey revealed that people were mostly in favour of improvements to the existing features and more tutorials.

We addressed some important problems with designing responsively in Microthemer and made a number of other usability improvements. I’m now working on a tutorial on designing responsively which doubles up as a general CSS tutorial. It’s an ambitious undertaking. My hope is that complete novices will be able to achieve surprising things with Microthemer and avoid the common pitfalls after reading it.

Our next priority is the selector wizard. We have an idea for how this can be improved to significantly speed up work flow. Once that’s done, supporting CSS pre/post processors and JavaScript via the custom code options will take priority. Finally, CSS3 properties like animation will take precedence – animation may come after transforms and transitions as we’ve got very ambitious plans for the animation features. That’s the order of development for now. I’ve refrained from giving specific or even approximate dates because I never get that right.

I hope that this has been vaguely informative 🙂


Thanks for your answer.
Some exciting times ahead 🙂



Two years and two major updates after, it seems that animations aren’t still available. Did I miss something?




Hey Nicolas,

Flexbox properties will be released in a few days. And then the very next priority will be animation. I can see why you might be sceptical though, given the large periods of time that have elapsed since I first started talking about animation properties.

Development slowed to a crawl during 2016 due to reasons which I explain in our V5 blog post. The first half of 2017 dealt with improving the targeting options, because improvements in this area were requested the loudest. The second part of 2017 will be focus on adding to and improving the style options. I appreciate that this is very overdue now!


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