Transparent header or opacity adjustment Beaver Builder theme

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I would like to create a transparent header over a video or photo in the BB theme. The css is posted several places including the BB forum. I would like to control margin top (negative values ) for both large and medium screen sizes, as well as opacity of the background. Is the small device break point and large device break points adjustable at this time? It would be convenient to control “home” or all pages as well.


Hey, Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve just got back from my honeymoon.

Do you mean the default responsive media query tabs in the Microthemer interface? Absolutely. Just click the ‘Edit media queries’ icon next to the tabs. You can customize the scope of the media queries however you like to target different or additional screen sizes.

In terms of targeting just the home page or other pages, you can do that with your CSS selectors. Your body tag on each page probably has a .page-id class that can be prepended to the selectors MT suggests in order to target specific pages. If you post a link to your site I can check this for you.


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