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Microthemer 3.4.1. Just bought today via online deal.
Chrome, latest version of WP.

1 — I keep following intro tutorial, looking online for help, but something is goofy. I created a Selector to change tags default pink background. I want a light gray background. It worked for the first 4 tags I chose (after a lot of work and issues). I added more tags, and they all defaulted back to the pink.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If you look, the tags on bottom of home page.

2 — I do not know how to get BACK into a Selector if I later decide I want to change it OR assign it to other items.

I cannot find “Modify Selector” anywhere. Looking in the Folder icon, I see a list.

HOW do I apply something in that list to items? How do I modify an existing Selector?

3 — I want to change the default pink background of the Menu/Nav, on left sidebar. It appears when screen is smaller. When I double-click on the Menu/Nav button, the whole left sidebar is selected. I can’t select just that button. I hate that pink.

4 — I don’t know how to change from one Selector to another. After I apply changes, I want to move to other items. I keep having to click back to a few earlier screens to make new selections.

5 — I don’t know how to get OUT of Microthemer. I close the Wizard, but the MT is still active. I keep have to back out of it to an earlier screen.

Been creating WP sites since 2007 or so. I am not a programmer, with minimal CSS skills. I’ve modified a ton of themes. But if you get too technical, you might overwhelm me.

Confused and unhappy. Help is appreciated!


PS I guess clicking on WP icon to return to Dashboard is how to get out of MT?


I changed it to what I want, but I changed the CSS, totally bypassing MT (MicroThemer). So if you look at my home page, it will appear correct. Not by using MT. 🙁 Help is appreciated, cos I don’t know that much about CSS to do all MT does. Thanks!


WILL NOT change. I remember reading somewhere about a stylesheet where these changes reside. I keep deleting them, but they keep coming back. Strange behavior. ANY tips how to delete some Selectors and it changes back to default? Without using the Default, cos I like what I did to the Search button on left sidebar. Thanks!


Sebastian wrote: “ps you can view the styles Microthemer is creating by clicking the “view css” link in the fixed menu on the right (which may need expanding if you are in the visual view)” I don’t see that anywhere.


Hi Jenny,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having some trouble with Microthemer. The interface has changed since the release of version 3 earlier this year. The information in the post you referenced related to version 2. The reset option is now in the left toolbar, near the return to WordPress icon that you identified.

This getting started video introduces the new interface, including where to locate previously created selectors from the main menu in the top toolbar (folder icon):

You can modify a selector by clicking the edit icon next to the selector in the main menu. Or by clicking it’s name in the top toolbar (if it is in view). The ‘Modify Selector’ link was only a link in version 2. With regard to the tags you tried to style, I recommend locating your “Tags > Tag Background” selector in the main menu and then click the edit icon when hovering over it. If you change the CSS selector code from this:

div#panel-3328-5-0-1 a.tag-link-61

To this:

div.tagcloud a

You will find that your styles affect all tags. The problem with your current selector (div#panel-3328-5-0-1 a.tag-link-61) is that it is too specific. Microthemer always suggests the most specific CSS selector it can by default. In your case, it has suggested a selector that will only apply to one tag. The solution, which is also demonstrated in the getting started video, is to open the advanced option on the wizard and drag the slider down (on the Targeting tab) as far as it will go without the blue highlighting covering more elements than you would like. If you try this, you should see a selector like (div.tagcloud a) somewhere in the list.

I can see that your Tag Background selector is having no affect at all on the home page because the ID of the tag cloud panel (#panel-3328-5-0-0) does not match the ID Microthemer found for the tag cloud panel (#panel-3328-5-0-1). Perhaps your theme creates HTML with dynamic IDs, or using a different ID for the tag cloud on different pages, or changes the ID when you update the tags. Regardless of the cause, using classes by adjusting the targeting slider as described above will solve the problem there. Classes use dots (.) instead of hashes (#).

I’m a bit unclear about your question on the Search button on left sidebar. Are you working in Microthemer or directly on the stylesheet. Could you clarify this please?

Many thanks,



Thank you for your prompt reply.

I DID SELECT all the tags when I applied the Selector. I added a ton of tags later. I expected subsequent tags to have the customizations I set for the first set of tags. That did not happen. Why?

I merely want to remove the effect cos the 4 or so shaded tags are definitely doing that cos of MT. Otherwise, I have to reset to Default. Then I lose the customized Search button on left sidebar.

I appreciate what you wrote, but for a product which requires no coding, all I see is coding.

I DID look in the left drop down for Modify Selector. I didn’t see anything which indicated it does that. I’m not in front of it at this moment.

Basically, I did most of what you say to do. I merely wanted to change a few buttons. I can live with plain Search buttons if I have to decipher what you wrote.

I’ve been modifying WP site for 8 yrs. I am a content creator, not a developer. I’d like to find something with has:

— Current info online.
— No coding means no coding. I wasn’t doing anything radical.

I dunno if I should ask for a refund. I think so. I just don’t have time to deal with something so temperamental.

WAIT, you have a Noreply to this email?? So I have to go online to respond? Ok. Cos I got this as an email, per my request. So sad.

Thank you, Jenny


No problem at all Jenny, I’ve already requested a refund for you. You should receive notification soon. You can deactivate Microthemer to switch off the changes you made with it.

Microthemer doesn’t require you to write code. It doesn’t require you to read code either, although it does display code in the advanced options for those that understand it or those that would like to learn what’s happening under the hood. I was just suggesting code for you to copy and paste because I thought it would be quicker than creating a new selector using the method I suggested with the wizard.

Microthemer opens the door to some advanced aspects of styling a WordPress site. It makes CSS more accessible by removing the need to remember lots of CSS syntax. Some people love this becomes it gives them editing freedom that no other program provides. Others find that the added complexity that comes with this is not worth the trade-off. This seems the be true for you. Our approach is always to provide a prompt refund in this case.

Thank you for giving Microthemer a go. I’m sorry that it didn’t fit your needs. If you need anything else from me I’m on standby to help.

All the best,

ps I’m sorry that you came across old information. I’ve updated all forum posts prior to version 3 with a warning that the information might be out of date due to the new interface in version 3 e.g.

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