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I have buttons on my website that filter cpt when clicked on, I want to customize these, but am unable to select them

Please help me with this



Hey Zoro,

The buttons might have some special behaviour attached to them which makes clicking difficult. In such circumstances, the best alternative way to select elements is using the HTML pane. Click the ‘show advanced’ link in targeting mode to reveal that. Then click on the line of HTML for a button. Look for the text “DealFuel”, even if you’re not familiar with reading HTML code.

Once you clicked the line of HTML, Microthemer will select the elelemt, and you can choose to select multiple buttons by choosing an alternative suggestion from the Targeting suggestions pane on the right.

Does that seem doable?




That helped

although it could be much easier if there is a dropdown search form so that I could search through the html with specific words easily.



After clicking anywhere on the HTML pane, you can use the “Ctrl + F” keyboard shortcut to search the HTML.

And I forgot to mention before, it helps to click near the element on the page that isn’t directly clickable first e.g. an element that contains the buttons. That way, Microthemer will scroll the HTML to roughly the right place.

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