Updated to 5.5 – did not notice speed difference [resolved!]

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Hi Sebastian,

Am I missing the elephant in the room?

I just updated to 5.5 (bypassing the other bug I reported) but I do not notice any change in the speed when compared to 5.2. Opening folders, switching between selectors, etc. takes again between 0.5 and almost 1 sec to complete.

I cleared all cache and recreated all the files in the micro-themes directory.

Now what?




I’ve just released a fix for the comment bug you reported BTW. Regarding the speed, it may be that the speed improvements I just added don’t relate to the performance issues you were getting switching between tabs and properties. I assumed this was due to the amount of HTML Microthemer was loading, which has been drastically cut down in the latest release. But I never actually played around with your affected MT install because it’s on a development server.

I would really like to fix your performance issues. It’s possible the fix is a lot simpler than all the speed optimisations I just added. My best guess right now is that something may have gone wrong to inflate your MT data. But without digging in I can only guess. Would it be possible for you to send me a backup of your site so that I can get to the bottom of the issue?


P.S. Do you notice that styles render more quickly with 5.5?


Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for the fast reply!

I have to say – “SORRY”. I just came home and tested again and now it is lightning fast, exactly how I expected it to be!

I now facepalmed myself – I was previously testing via TeamViewer and the slow response was due to the network latency and NOT because of MT. Now I’m clicking and everything is snappy, no lag whatsoever.

I’m happy! Thank you very much for this massive improvement!


Oh brilliant. That’s really great to hear. I’m glad you like the new version too. I agree, it makes a huge difference for users working with lots of selectors, on slow hosting, or lower spec computers. How many selectors do you have with your setup BTW?

From my testing Microthemer can handle 5K+ selectors now without performance degradation. Around the 5K mark launching targeting mode is a bit slow, as is deleting and renaming selectors. I’ve worked out solutions for all of these issues, but haven’t rolled them out in the current release because I want to test them a bit further. Plus I wouldn’t expect anyone get to 5K selectors! The whole of themeover.com only uses 1.3K and it’s a pretty big site.


I have 104 selectors currently, not a big deal.

And yes, I’m very happy with the new speed 🙂



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